Real Talk w/ BLU


For a lot of folks, the recognition you got from XXL sort of helped you break through to the masses per say, do you believe that to be true or would you point to another moment(s) that helped introduce yourself to hip hop fans on a larger scale?
"Below the Heavens" was bigger then the XXL freshman cover. That's where our love came from, that and touring.The XXL cover was more like a trophy after the work was done.

I saw the YouTube footage of the fan calling you out, looking back at that situation, what's your take on what happened and how did it really bother you?

Avengance of Lil B. S.F show yo!

What's wrong with the hip hop game today and how are you trying to help fix it?

Carelessness ruled, and I feel it's rein is about up.Save for the few who mastered the technique. Those who ain't polished will look like shit!

When are you at your creative best?

Writing and cutting.

As for as your writing process, what brings out the best in you, good moments or tough times?

All experiences have a tendency to become a slave to a page in my rhyme book.

How much "revealing" do you do through your music? How much do you keep private?

"Pull up on the curb, spark the herb let loose a few secrets the hood as never heard." I would say I drop 12 gems a song, easy.

What would say is the most annoying played out question you get asked over and over in interviews?

"Why is your name Blu?"I say it's because my ancestry, has a representation of the color that has gone unheard and I have been sent to deliver the message, among many.

Silliest fad in Hip Hop today.
Lil B.

You consistently learn more and more about the hip hop game and the industry, what is the most recent thing you've learned about the game?

That it's real. Niggas want clean ass shit. They want a mastered record, a well mixed record. Plaques, money, Jadakiss, etc. I didn't, I wanted this.

You got the hip hop that you grew up with, right, and you got the hip hop that's out today, which type do you "gravitate" to more and show through the music you put out?

I believe that I am the balance of the two, new school and old, like a bridge. My music is that bridge.



  1. Blu pisses me off with this unmasterd shit dude could be the best rapper ever to live but he wants to be lazy

    1. i don’t think he’s lazy, he’s just into a different sound. it’s like saying van gogh was lazy because he didn’t paint like rembrandt, but the two were masters of their own vision. you can have kanye and his extremely clean, produced sound of which he’s the top of that game now, or you can have the more rough and abstract blu. it’s just a matter of style preference bro.

  2. 36 chambers is dusty as fuck, but you can still bang it… i don’t really understand the point of blu’s approach to records now. it’s hard to listen to, and not in a challenging way, and ends up overshadowing the songs

  3. yo!!! i never wrote a comment on a post in my life yo, i cant take this shit nomore,
    people like “Courtice” need to see the light…straight up, all this crying about the shit being unmixed/unmastered……man i love that raw shit!!!
    Yall need to start appreciating the music and stop trynna put in yall 2 cents

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