Real Talk Interview Preview: BLU


For a lot of folks, the recognition you got from XXL sort of helped you break through to the masses per say, do you believe that to be true or would you point to another moment(s) that helped introduce yourself to hip hop fans on a larger scale?

I saw the YouTube footage of the fan calling you out, looking back at that situation, what's your take on what happened and how did it really bother you?

You got the hip hop that you grew up with, right, and you got the hip hop that's out today, can you take a moment to compare and contrast the two? which type do you "gravitate" to more and show through the music you put out?

What's wrong with the hip hop game today and how are you trying to help fix it?

When are you at your creative best?

As for as your writing process, what brings out the best in you, good moments or tough times?

How much "revealing" do you do through your music? How much do you keep private?

What would say is the most annoying played out question you get asked over and over in interviews?

Silliest fad in Hip Hop today.

You consistently learn more and more about the hip hop game and the industry, what is the most recent thing you've learned about the game?

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