Ill Talk w/ The Do-Over crew Part 2 #Uncensored


Besides, good music, great people and an even better vibe, what are other essential elements that are virtually a guarantee at a Do-Over x Lei Over event?

Sangria. It's our signature drink.

How do the three of you share in the responsibilities of planning and organizing each party?

CH: We try to split things up into realms. Jamie handles more of the business and money aspect, I handle more the marketing and outreach. Aloe tends to be the voice of reason and manages the assets. We all come together for the actual curation and DJ decisions.

Has the closing of Crane's Tavern had an effect on the L.A. party and what made it such an ideal venue?

CH: Actually, with Cranes closing, we were able to break out even more and have further reach. It was initially ideal as it felt like a house party / backyard party. However, we really outgrew the capacity. Our new home, Cabana Club, is in some ways similar in spirit, but much larger and more hospitable to a wider range of people.

How has the label been going and when should we expect the next release?

CH: Our next release drops this month actually. Girls We Like (J.Rocc) x D^Bo (Damon Bell) 10". It's really a great record.


Sunday’s are usually for hangovers or church, how did you all spend your Sunday’s before The Do Over?

CH: Hungover, obviously. Sometimes hungover watching football.

JS: Watching Magnum PI reruns wishing I was in Hawaii.

What is the formula to building a successful party?

CH: I would say concentrate on the music and make sure that everyone who comes is having a blast. With any party, the people make the party and are always more important than anything else.

JS: Definitely focus on the music and stick to your guns. Even though the party has grown every year and with that comes the naysayers who say we sold out, but truth be told, we’ve never deviated from our music philosophy since day 1. Aloe, Chris & I are pretty much into every genre and have always wanted the party to reflect that instead of focusing on one sound or vibe. That is a big reason why we are still here and growing.

Could you give us any clues on who the special guest DJs will be?

CH: Some good ones.

JS: A bunch of Haoles


CH: Really good

JS: It’s not John Tesh


Your Top 3 Do Over performances?

CH: Gaslamp Killer (any year). Jazzy Jeff (any year). DJ AM (RIP)

JS: Too hard to answer, but J.Rocc is definitely in The Top 3 if not all 3 slots.

How long did it take before the popularity and substance of the event matched your goal and visions?

Honestly, we started the event as a birthday party for Jamie. It ended up being a nice place to hang out on a Sunday afternoon. I'm not sure about Jamie or Aloe but my aspirations were limited to that in the first year or two. It took three or four years until I got a sense of the greater demand for it.

At it's present state of success, is this exactly how you envisioned The Do Over becoming?

CH: Actually, we never could have predicted this success and we never imagined it as it is today.

JS: Yes. Although, it's taken us longer to throw a Do-Over on the Moon then we originally planned, but it is a leap year so you just never know.

The Do-Over has obviously achieved a great deal of success, I particularly dig the fact that it's gone international, what are a few aspects of the parties popularity that are even hard for you to believe?

CH: I would say that people all over the world are as excited for it to come around as the folks in LA who have been frequenting it for eight years. when I was in London last summer, there was a line for blocks all day and fully packed inside. Those kinds of moments really blow me away.

JS: Everytime we go into a new market, I am beyond amazed at the turnout and overall vibe. It's really humbling and even more impressive is these people are coming to hear quality music and not some Top 40 bullshit. When we did New Zealand last month, we had no clue what to expect especially since we were throwing it on an island that you had to take a 30 min ferry ride to, but we had 3,000 rsvps and a line from 10am until 9pm. It was beyond anything we could have expected.

What were some sights and experiences from your last "Lei Over" trip and what's on your to do list this time around?

CH: Beyond the party we were able to get around the island on our off days. I really enjoyed the North Shore as well as our day in the water at Kailua, not to mention the pork chops at Side Street. This year, I have my girlfriend, brother and sister coming and we will be doing similar things then I'll be headed to Kauai for a few days to turn off.

JS: Side Street Inn, Plate Lunch & Tiki Drinks. We've actually developed some great friendships with a lot of the locals so it's really nice to just kick back with them and take it all in. I guess we're getting to that age where that's equally as much fun as the party. Just vibing out with good people.

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