Real Talk w/ The Do-Over crew


*Aloe Blacc, the third member of the Do-Over brain trust, was unavailable for this interview. Dude was a little busy makin' dollars on tour.

How do you think the party has grown since the very first one?

Chris Haycock: The party owes the majority of it's growth to the people that come. They have fun, then go tell their friends, which become addicted to it as well. Who else wouldn't enjoy a solid excuse to party with their friends on an afternoon in the sun.

Jamie Strong:
Aloe went from needing a dollar to now having a dollar.

The Do-Over has obviously achieved a great deal of success, I particularly dig the fact that it's gone international, what are a few aspects of the parties popularity that are even hard for you to believe?

CH: I would say that people all over the world are as excited for it to come around as the folks in LA who have been frequenting it for eight years. when I was in London last summer, there was a line for blocks all day and fully packed inside. Those kinds of moments really blow me away.

JS: Everytime we go into a new market, I am beyond amazed at the turnout and overall vibe. It's really humbling and even more impressive is these people are coming to hear quality music and not some Top 40 bullshit. When we did New Zealand last month, we had no clue what to expect especially since we were throwing it on an island that you had to take a 30 min ferry ride to, but we had 3,000 rsvps and a line from 10am until 9pm. It was beyond anything we could have expected.

Back to Hawaii for the second time, (Welcome back!) what were some of your memories from last year and how did the party eventually make its way to Hawaii?

CH: Personally, Hawaii was very special as I wasn't sure how it would turn out. It was amazing that so many people came and supported. That was what really made it special. Our good friend Zeke, who runs Mighty Printing in Honolulu, was the initial diplomat and the one we should really thank for making it happen.

JS: It's hard to forget the marriage proposal. For me, that's the most amazing thing that could ever happen at Do-Over. No matter where the party takes us and the amazing times we have, that will go forever go down in the history books. It's just an incredible story of a mixed couple that originally met at Do-Over (who we never met until Hawaii). It took him years to get her parent's blessing to wed (partly due to his ethnicity) and he chose The Do-Over as the time & place for this special occasion. Middle of the party, we sneak a microphone to him, cut the music, he proposes... she says yes & Aloe Blacc goes into singing his song 'You Make Me Smile' to seal the deal. Unbelievable.

The Do-Over is responsible for two people finding love, traveling all the way to Hawaii for your event and a marriage proposal in paradise, kinda cool right?

CH: Jason and Ruby are so awesome. Jason had reached out to us in advance to ask if it was ok. It turned into internet gold and sometimes we joke that we should have them at every party to re-enact the entire proposal as it really got people excited.

JS: The I Do-Over

What were some sights and experiences from your last "Lei Over" trip and what's on your to do list this time around?

CH: Beyond the party we were able to get around the island on our off days. I really enjoyed the North Shore as well as our day in the water at Kailua, not to mention the pork chops at Side Street. This year, I have my girlfriend, brother and sister coming and we will be doing similar things then I'll be headed to Kauai for a few days to turn off.

JS: Side Street Inn, Plate Lunch & Tiki Drinks. We've actually developed some great friendships with a lot of the locals so it's really nice to just kick back with them and take it all in. I guess we're getting to that age where that's equally as much fun as the party. Just vibing out with good people.



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