Real Talk w/ DJ **MUTHAFUKIN** Rayne


What defines a DJs “wealth” and what kind of “wealth” have you acquired in your DJ career?

A DJ’s wealth. well, definitely not wealth in money, rather passion and experience, getting to play music and make people dance is a very gratifying experience. It’s something I think we all feed off of. It’s like a drug. It’s a way to go home with a smile after a hard days work. Back in the day, they use to call it the nod. people just walk up to you after a set and instead of thanking you, they just nod their head in gratitude. it’s those little things in life that give you wealth. Every night after I get done with a set, I and surround by super happy people who ahve just had the time of their life. and that s worth its weight in gold.

Is adapting or conforming to a venue/crowd something you like doing?

Every venue has a different crowd, different atmosphere. It’s a DJ’s role to be able to adapt accordingly and it’s hard at times. At Soho, the more aggressive I am, the better. Make them dance make them sweat, make them get naked! It’s a free for all and I love it. Apartment 3, is a bit more defined. Classy venue, older crowd, larger spectrum of genre’s can be played. I can hit up on tracks that people havent heard in years from their childhood and I can play current stuff they enjoy. It then becomes more difficult because instead of sorting thru 1000 songs for the night. I have hundreds of thousands of songs to sort through. I have to play it by ear, watch the crowd and see what grabs at them. It’s like Russian roulette, one false more and you are done. but I love the challenge.

How important is respect from your DJ peers?

Respect, in my eyes is everything. You can’t show up to a gig and play a mix cd and pretend that you are a DJ. It gains no respect but if you can get up there and time and time again prove your worth, you get the respect you deserve. It’s everything not only the respect of other DJs, but the promoters and crowd too. That’s how you move up in this game.

True or False. All DJs have huge egos.

DJ egos are there but then again a lot of people have egos. The cockiness that DJs can display doesn’t sit well with anyone. I’m just as guilty at times but it’s a cut throat industry (and) flashing your confidence is common but it always helps to step back, be humble and reserved. How someone carries themselves says a lot bout who they are. We all need to be respectful but I think the injection of fame gets to people really easy so the less cocky a DJ can be is a good balance.

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