Good Life Asia Tour


ASIA! ASIA! ASIA! In 2009 Good Life toured Asia with DJ Jami of the Nocturnal Sound Krew. It was the first of it’s kind out of Hawaii, and coming from such a small state, the tour turned a lot of heads. 2009′s tour stops included Japan (Club Vuenos in Shibuya), China (Rox & Babyface) and Shanghai as well as Hong Kong.
This year Good Life will be touring in Asia for the second time, BIGGER and BETTER with Jaytee & DJ Jami, this time with original Nocturnal Sound Krew member DJ Deception and Good Life’s own DJ Bozu!
Stops on this year’s tour include Japan and Korea, as well as China! The tour dates are set for the 2nd week of March till the 1st week of April. If you would like to book us along the way, please contact us at info [at] thegoodlifeasiatour [dot] com, or get involved with the Good Life Asia Tour 2012 by becoming a sponsor.

Check out footage from last years tour at

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