Ill Talk w/ DJ Min-One #Part2 #Soulgasm


Career highlights?

My biggest success so far was a "blend," or some would say, "mash-up" of the Alicia Keys song "You Don't Know My Name" over the "Columbus Riddim" back in 2004 which was actually picked up by VP records and put on "Reggae Gold 2004" compilation. I've had a couple other DJ tool records which I released independently in the early 2000's.

Personal philosophy, role, responsibility to music, DJing, the scene.

My duty is to bring music to the people and hope they understand it or one day will. For DJing it's my role to better myself at it so that I can keep doing it as a career. For the scene I need to create my own sound to contribute to the world of DJ music and music as well.

What's the story behind how you became Min-One?

I struggled with choosing a name to handle for years. I came up with a few different names over time. I actually started as Min, my real name, back in the 90's here in Honolulu. When I moved to New York in 1997 I tried to handle DJ Min and when you say that over a microphone the name goes right past people's attention. Not to mention at that time nobody was using single syllable names, especially in New York. Most DJ's out there had two words in their names so I tried DJ Prime Minister for a while. It worked but something about it I just wasn't feeling after time. After a fire which destroyed all my equipment, personal belongings, and my recordings of myself on KISS FM under the name Prime Minister, I decided to change my name back to Min but this time with some swag. Crazy Leggs addressed me as DJ Min-One on the microphone at one the jams I was DJing for him in the Bronx. I started handling that name after and the rest is history.

When did you return to Hawaii and what went into making the decision to come back?

I returned in 2009. It was a number of factors but the main one was for financial reasons. The economy and the music industry changed so I had to come back home to regroup and figure out the next move in career decisions to further mine in entertainment.

You're playing Soulgasm, when was the last time you experienced something you would call a "soulgasm" musically?

Most recently I would have to say that Nas & Damian Marley concert that was at Kaka'ako Amphitheater last year. 2 classic artists with all that catalog. I definitely left that show with a soulgasmic music experience!!!


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  1. WHAT??? Min did that Alicia Keys / Columbus Riddim blend? I STILL play that out! Must have been that some of MY good musical taste rubbed off on him! Ha haa! 😉

    Big Up to all the Old School 808 heads! Great blog, and thanks for listing me as an influential DJ!

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