Real Talk w/ DJ Min-One (@djmin1)


What's your personal genre of choice?

Whatever kind of music that keeps the party going.  Because what I like might not be necessarily what other people like to hear in a social setting.

In both Hawaii dance music culture as well as club culture what are the biggest changes you've seen? What aspects do you like? What elements would you like to fix/improve?

I think the world has seen a shift in music acceptance now with the digital age.  With the popularity of Electro Dance Music and the availability of it via the internet it's almost impossible to escape it in DJ/club environments.

I like the fact that music is more accessible and easier to put it out for others to enjoy.  The digital age has definitely empowered the DJ now more than ever to the point where almost anyone can do it now.  

If I could fix anything it would be the expectation of what's considered a good time going out to night clubs now.  You would think that me being a DJ I would have the power to do such but I have to admit my stature is not high enough to influence the masses.

Most DJs have had their own personal "holy shit" moment, when they met or heard their favorite DJ spin live, what's yours?

I had a few many holy shit moments DJing in NY. Anytime I was able to open up, set up, or to even just be extra in the booth at a club with a big DJ name was a holy shit moment for me. I'll have to say though I have "holy shit" moments whenever I hear a DJ I don't know personally play any of my past or present works out for the public to listen and to see their reaction. There's no better feeling in the world than to experience people enjoying your idea and you being anonymous to everyone in the room including the DJ.


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