DJ Krush #theinterview


Globally, where do you believe hip hop in Japan ranks in knowledge and respectability for the true original culture?

I cannot say that everybody appreciates the true culture and meaning of hip hop, but there are many that also respect and enjoy it as well.

How important is teaching the essence of Hip Hop to generations before you?

Hip hop is not something that can be taught simply through words. By continuing my journey to find my world and style of hip hop, I hope that future generations will watch the path I take and get inspired to take action themselves.

How would you define your style and passion for hip hop, creativity and music in general?

Although hip hop was what introduced me into the world of DJ-ing, I have always liked being unique and finding new ways to do everything. I knew from back when I started my career that copying American hip hop artists (and others in the world) that already existed was not going to take me anywhere. My motto has always been to think outside the picture frame people call “hip hop”, and instead pursuit my own interpretation of what I saw through my eyes.


Where do you gain most of your creative inspiration from?

I get inspired by various things. It might be from the people I meet all around the world, or the music I hear, the beautiful views I find at each place, the food, smell, and even the air I breath. They’re all connected.

Of the mainstream Hip Hop of today, what artists do you find most appealing?

To be honest, I don’t listen to a mainstream hip hop these days, so this is a hard question to answer. I’m not trying to bash their works, but it just doesn’t catch my interest. Many of them sound the same, and they all seem to be missing the unique touch.

In your words, what does this tour symbolize to you?

Although the tour is named “the 20th Anniversary”, the show itself is not going to be any different from my past; nothing special because it’s the 20th year, but as good as any other show that has ever been put on. I just want the audience to see the DJ KRUSH as is, and feel something from my performance.

What is your favorite scene or moment in WildStyle?

Everything! WildStyle is a movie that changed my life.

If you had to devise a list of three to five songs that reflect the essence of hip hop what songs would they be?

I’m sorry but 3~5 songs is not enough to reflect hip hop.

Reflecting on 20 years in the game, what have been some of your career highlights and memorable moments?

There’s too many to count! Being able to put on shows around the world like this is a blessing. Right now, I am part of a band called “Method of Defiance” with Bill Laswell and Bernie Worrell. I feel privileged to stand on stage with artists like them whom I’ve always looked up to since the start of my career as an artist.

In a recent interview you said many DJs are being played by the technology, how so?

As technology advances everyday, there are DJs that incorporate this technology into their style effectively and those who don’t. It’s important to keep up with technological advancements in the world today, but it is even more important to remember what your true style is. Where do you come from? What is your ultimate goal? Technology should be used to enhance your music and style; pick the ones that you truly fit you. Sadly, I see many artists that have drowned in the greed to use everything new that’s out there, and lose track of their true goals.

(Translated by: DJ Bozu)

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