Real Talk w/ Rob Mora from Red Bull Hawaii on the Thr3estyle DJ Battle


How were able to bring the battle to Hawaii? 

There are 3 Pre-Qualifiers in the US, Portland, Seattle & Honolulu. Portland and Seattle get seeded into the San Francisco qualifier and Hawaii gets seeded into Los Angeles qualifier-

How were the DJs selected?

 Our Panel of judges, nightclub owners, nightlife promoters, other veteran DJ's and music media were enlisted to give us their picks, after narrowing down with schedule conflicts and some dj's lack of interest in participating we came up with the heavy lineup of SSSolution, Technique, Mike D, Shift, Jami, Bozu, Compose, Soundcheck.  

What's your take on the 8 contestants selected? 

We are excited to see what we feel Honolulu's top Dj's bring to the tables. 

There is a good, reputable panel of experienced judges, how were they selected? 

We wanted to get the most experienced in Honolulu, they have brought some of the top dj's in the world to Honolulu, put on some of the best events and bring a strong background and experience from each of their respective scenes - Final thoughts on the contest coming to Hawaii, the event itself etc. We are excited that we are able to bring this international event series to downtown Honolulu and to Honolulu's Dj's. DJ Delve will be opening the night up and DJ Evil One & D-JR will be doing a special closing set.

What, if any, special arrangements will be brought in for this event?

This will be the highest production nightlife event we have ever done in Hawaii, we'll just leave it at that. 



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