Ill Talk w/ DJ Errick


DJ career highlights?

Just being able to spin along side some of my favorite DJs/Artist is something else... but I have to say the highlight of my "DJ Career" would have to be playing a tag set with DJ Lange & PSI at the Livewire Beach Party @ Pipeline Cafe.

LIVEWIRE highlights?

THE PEOPLE! Its all about the People! Yah we get to bring down DJ's we & others want to see... but the highlight of Livewire is mos def all the amazing people I have got to meet over the last 6+ years!

Talk about your part in the rise of the Electronic music scene in Hawaii?

Not sure we did anything special... just started something small we loved, & now I'm glad others have also found that love..

What about the trance sound initially got you "hooked"?

It seemed endless... every day there was new music to find. Now 7 years later & still looking for new music.

Do you believe you have a responsibility to the younger members of the scene?

Most Definitely! Almost every time I'm out somewhere, someone comes up to me talking about getting into trance music or trying to learn how to DJ. I try my best to give them some direction & positive influence in hopes they stick with it and infect their friends and grow our scene even bigger!!

Music and partying, what helps you balance the two?

My age! (lol) I cant party like I used...


Best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?


Best piece of advice a DJ has ever given you?

Oh man I don’t know about best but I sure as hell was lucky enough to get to bother and learn from some of the Islands best DJ’s Master Wong, Technique, PSI, Paul Brandon. Without them there is no Livewire!!


Best advice you have ever given someone?


Compare trance to how it sounded in 2005, how has it improved? Stayed true to the roots?


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