Ill Talk w/ @JonCozy Part 2


Q: You got an album out, Kwalified's is on deck. Does that mean Rock-za got to put out his solo project before we get another Ill Hill album?

A: Yep, Rock-za is working on his solo joint. Expect another free Ill Hill release before you get to buy an album.

Q: What's the latest on Astronauts By Night?

A: I'm working on a dubstep EP called "Dolphin Rape Cave" which should be out by this Summer.


Q: San Diego to Hawaii, what was that transition like?

A: Not that bad actually, I’ve been to Hawaii before and a lot of my family is here in Hawaii. I would like to visit the 619 though, I haven’t been back since I left.

Q: Talk about why you decided to become a part of the Universal Zulu Nation – Hawaii Chapter.

A: What many people don’t realize about being Zulu is that it’s not just about hip-hop. It’s also about bettering yourself through knowledge and understanding as well as through involvement with the youth and the community. I became a Zulu because of my search for knowledge, and wanting to become more involved with the youth and community, as well as wanting a better understanding of hip-hop and my artform.

Shoutout to all the other Z’s in Hawaii, ABN, ILL HILL, FTB, ALR, NIGHT MARCHERS, WORKHOUSE, GLITCHDICK, etc etc etc.

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