Real Talk w/ SCRIBE


How did this tour come about?

I came to Hawaii a couple years ago to paint and met Lofa with Lightsleepers while I was there. We have been talking on and off for the last two years bumping into each other at the San Diego Comicon doing releases. This year we starting talking more seriously about it and he told me he also wanted to bring my wife Alisa because he said there were people there interested in her Plush work. I'm glad we get the chance to show our work together.

Leaving a piece of you, as in your art in different parts of the world and meeting talented/like-minded artists such as yourself must be awesome, talk about the gratifying feeling you get from what you do.

As I have had the chance to travel a little bit more it just keeps revealing how much smaller the world really is. When you meet someone in a different country or state and they are doing/dealing with the same issues as you then it is nice to know you are not really alone out there. I often forget because i live in Kansas City and I don't have a lot of people I hang out with that do what I do every day....gets lonely but thank God for the internet! Leaving something behind really is giving what you hope is to be viewed as a gift. I like to make people laugh and engage kids in art so I hope it does the job.

What kind of student were you in school?

I was OK. I could have done better than I did and paid more attention but I knew early what I wanted to do in life. It wasn’t until later I realized how much more I needed but that is common with getting older. I wish I would have made a better effort than I did to get better at everything.

What’s your personal feeling on the word “graffiti” as it pertains to what you do?

It keeps changing from year to year so I don’t give it much thought anymore. I wouldn’t be who I am with out it ( it was my official art teacher ), and like anything there is “good” and “bad” in it. Other peoples feelings have more of an effect on me about it because of how they see it. I’m blessed it made me who I am.

When did you realize you could do art (your passion) for a living?

I have been doing it for a long time but I would have to say it has just been in the last couple of years that it has become more of a reality. I was always pushing for it and thought I was getting there but as each year passes I realize I have so far to go. Now that people are reaching more out to me and it has more of a positive effect on my family than a sacrifice we make together I think I am closer than ever.


How would you best define the purpose and creative nature of your art?

I said it earlier and that would be laughter. I use animals, icons, biblical and handed down bed time stories to comment on my path in life. I like to make art that the family can see together. The kids on the street or in the gallery and laugh at it rather than seeing an advertisement and adults to look into it more can hopefully connect with it on a deeper level and identify with the subject matter.

What's your take on street art today?

I love seeing all the directions it is going in. Some I like and some I don't but anyone can say that. I painted next to Os Gemeos years ago in Cincinnati at the Beautiful Losers event and saw all the tools they used. Even though I don't really use anything but freehanding the spraycan now, it was really liberating to see them work. Being yourself was what I got out of it the most and the concern about rule systems I had placed on myself started to fade away.

Talk about the connections you have to Hawaii and Hawaii's street art scene?

When I was growing up I was a fan of Katch and still am. It was cool to meet him last time I was there. When I came over i was really blown away that anyone there knew who I was and was talking about older works of mine. I was a fan of Slick and later found out he was from there and got to meet him too! I later met Estria and love to follow what he has going on now on the West coast and it is also how I met Angry Woebots. We both do toys figure work and have painted several times together and he later put me down with his AOS ( Army of Snipers ) crew. I hope to be painting with him while I am there sice he will be in town. There is so many to name but I can tell you that everyone I have met there has been so cool and humble and it is really nice to see such a great scene.

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