Real Talk w/ @Dumbfoundead #TheHawaiiInterview


What were a few of your other rapper aliases before Dumbfoundead?
I didn’t really have any other rap aliases but the kids on my block used to call me Chino. Which means chinese in Spanish. I grew up with a lot of latinos.

When did you decide on the name Dumbfoundead?
When I was 15 me and my friends were all thinking of rap names together and I guess I had a dumbfounded look on my face so my friends just started calling me that. I later on added the “e” to make it a bit different.

Do you remember the first rhyme you ever wrote?
I can’t remember the first rhyme I wrote but I remember it had the word “cave man” in it.

Along with being the torchbearer (so to speak) for aspiring Asian MCs, do you feel it is your responsibility to help talented Asian MCs get more shine/exposure?
I support anybody who is talented whether you’re Asian or not but if you’re Asian and you’re talented I think I definitely can help in their journey because I went through the same thing. I do feel like I have a responsibility because we are still in the early stages of getting Asian MCs into the mainstream. Whether I become that dude who crosses over or not I want to inspire the kid that does.

Are you happy with the responses you've received for the new album thus far?
I am definitely happy. Its almost overwhelming with all the press its gotten. I’m just happy that people appreciate the stories I’m trying to tell and can relate to it and understand it. I spent years just trying to figure out a way to clearly communicate with people and I think I did with this album.

I imagine you've been mad busy over the past few months. Talk about the ups, downs, the travel and the grind that involves in promoting a new album.
2011 was my busiest year for shows and its been mad fun. I’m lucky cause I get to travel with my dj, DJ Zo, who is practically a brother to me. We get into all sorts of adventures but most importantly having the opportunity to perform live in person for all my fans is awesome. I do a lot of college shows and I never went to college so its cool experiencing that. The down side to traveling is being away from family, friends and the studio.

How as your career as a stand up comedian been coming along?
I just started doing stand-up half a year ago and its been a crazy learning process. It was a bit easier for me to transition into it mainly because of my performance background but I still get mad nervous before going on stage. It’s a new high for me and I’m really enjoying the challenge. Ive been lucky enough to have stage time at the world famous laugh factory and it’s a trip to rock a stage that many greats have performed on.

Last words, plugs, props, praises.

Much love to everybody in Hawaii and thank you to the homie Bone for bringing me and Zo out here for my first time! It definitely won’t be our last! Get your bars up! peace

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