Ill Talk w/ @Jon Cozy #PartOne


Q: Break down "Self Suicide," and the reason for such an in your face, graphic album cover and the I don't give a fuck title.

A: Self; suicide is a product of insomnia, and some of the negative energy I've built up over the past 2 years. I say some because there is a lot I cut out of the release. I have enough material to make a double album but decided to keep it short and see how the fans and people reacted to it. It's very different from what I think our fans and people in Hawaii are used to. Self; suicide is an introduction to how I think and what I think about, situations I've been through. The way I interpret these situations in my lyrics are what I think make this project really special and personal to me. It's all me.

The album cover is a print by an artist named Francisco De Goya from a series called "Disasters of War" depicting the conflict between the Spanish and French in the 1800s. It has no significant meaning relating to my project. I just wanted a creepy drawing of someone being hanged. What is significant though is the artist and his story throughout the later years of his life. He went mad, and created art.

The title comes from the movie "Identity" and the idea that a person with multiple personality disorder can kill off his different personalities in his own subconscious. To kill a part of yourself. Self-suicide.



Q: Take readers and fans a like, a little bit further into the album making process. Why is now the right time to drop a solo joint.

A: First thing I started working on we're all the beats. I got some beats from other producers but the only one that made it on was the beat I used for the last track "Make-up", produced by Winzel McFly. I made the rest of the beats. Then, I'd listen to each one and think of a concept or story to go with each beat. I chose to go with a little more complex ideas and concepts to challenge and express myself the way that I wanted to. Make-up was probably my most favorite song to write. Nobody thought it was about graffiti. They just thought I was just some sick pervert that liked to jack off and ejaculate on walls. The rest of the album is a lot less subliminal.

Now is the right time to drop a solo joint because I wanted to distinguish myself as an individual in the hip-hop scene. I DJ'd for a group, I rap in a group, I've made beats for other people. I want the people to know who I am. If they fuck with me or not, we'll see.

Q: The album has been out less than a month now, what have the responses been so far?

A: People seem to love it. I appreciate all that. I really want to hear from the people who think I suck and think it's a piece of shit.

Q: You're one artists that fucks with electronic music and hip hop, you're not into both genres to set yourself a part from the rest. You just like both music styles. Talk about your early memories and interests in "dance music" and hip hop.

A: I remember my first rave just as clearly as I remember my first hip-hop jam. The things I love about both scenes is the energy and genuine love for the music. I love going crazy to trance just as much as I love goin crazy to some funky breaks or a crazy dj set. So many memories in both scenes: The Shop, Pipeline, Warehouse raves, DJing for close to 500 people at the waterpark and sharing the stage alongside dope DJs and producers such as 12th Planet, Adventure Club, and Heavygrinder. As for hip-hop, I always loved rockin' it true school back to back breaks for all the b-boys and b-girls. Getting to play the music I grew up listening to for people that love that kind of music is the shit. Sharing the stage with local hip-hop legends as well as artists from the mainland. I fucking love it.



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