Real Talk w/ DJ Rayne


What's good with DJ Rayne these days?

2011 has been an interesting year. My residency at SOHO keeps me content, rocking huge crowds of multi genre styled people. It allows me to influence the new with a bit of old skool flavor. There is nothing like rocking 1000 people a night in hawaii!

Highlights of your year?

The highlight of my year would have to be my Atomic Infamy CD Release party. It was a major accomplishment for me, not just producing another mix, but going the extra length to make a complete package for the scene. Having it professionally produced and packaged with a label and a slip cover and shrink wrapped, gave it a bit more importance that seems to be getting lost with mix cd's today. Normally you just get a blank cd written on it with a sharpie. Mine looks like you picked it up from Tower Records (RIP)

The good, the bad, the ugly of the scene circa 2011 and how you concentrate on the good.

Good question! 2011 has brought a massive amount of change to the scene. EDM is now mainstream. DJing is the most popular thing to become for kids and with the advancements in software, its become real easy. now that thats said, this is both good and horrifically ugly at the same time.

With new crowd, come different ideas about music and what good music is. Where as before, crowds came to hear what a dj had to offer, now, a large majority of the crowds want to hear only the same things that they hear on the radio. This forces the djs to play outside of their heart and play tracks that they may not particular like just to please this new crowd. Consequently, this causes a lot of the true, devoted and seasoned music enthusiast to not come around as much anymore. This scene was actually founded on the idea of non commercialism and quality music and a break from the norm of what was fed to society. This is a hard pill for the old dj's to swallow because, it goes against our moral foundation. But, I am hopeful that in a few years, the new crowd will start investigating new music on their own and realize that there is more out there that is far better. So, I am glad that more people are turned on to electronic music because in time, it will all work out.
With all these software advancements in DJ technology, it has not only made the art of DJing available to everyone, but it has taken all the technical skill and passed it over to the laptop which can do it all for you. Now djs with no skills are coming up in the scene and getting prime club gigs and taking them from the true dj artists. The new crowd doesn't know the difference and the club promoter choose to hire these new kids for half the price, which is severely hurting the industry. What will be in store for djs in the future, i am not quite certain, but if these new kids dont start learning the art of DJing, i kinda feel like its going to become dead and lost art.
But even though, there is the bad and ugly, growth is always good. There are more parties to attend. There are genre's such as dubstep that are taking leaps and bounds. New producers keep coming up with new sounds to keep everything fresh and the love for music will never die.

Motivation, where does yours come from?

My motivation comes from within. I have a deep devotion to music. i have always been like this. The ability to make people dance furthers this passion. Its my stress relief, my vent, my happiness, my love. When searching for new music every month, i look for tracks that excite these feelings. Just from listening them at home, I can already tell which tracks are going to be my new anthems and which wont. And every time i purchase these new tracks, i get anxious and cant wait to drop them in front of the crowd. The dance floor is also a huge motivational tool. the more i can get them pumped, the crazier i get. i feed off of them just as they feed off of me.

You're well schooled in music, the scene as a whole and what not. That being said what knowledge have you gained about yourself, the subtle changes that occur in the scene from time to time and things of that nature.

About myself, i have learned that my passion is so deeply in touch with my emotions that this scene can be very draining on my energy. I put out 110% at all time. Its not that i expect a certain percentage of anything in return, but i have to learn that not everybody feels the same way i do about things. I am always the advocate of the old skool and its traditions. But as times are now changing, i have to learn to let go and accept change.


First Fridays @ SOHO
Flirt Every Saturday @ SOHO
checkIN rotating residency Wednesdays @ SOHO


How are you trying to branch out to a wider audience?

My mix CD’s have been helping to get my name out all around the world. After signing up to SoundCloud, my name has reached the far stretches of the earth. My fan base now spans 68 different countries worldwide, primarily in the US, Canada, Brazil, Germany, and Japan, and even into countries that i have never heard of before. Its only a matter of time before i start pursuing a touring dj career.

Do you care how “educated” a crowd is?

Educated crowds are always more fun to play for because i can do “me” with no complication. but it is extremely important for all DJ’s to play for the uneducated so that they too can become educated

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