Real Talk w/ Parlous #HIpHop


Give the blog folk a brief history on who you are, where your form and what your about?

My Name is Michael Tuaileva. I was Born in Los Angeles California, but I was raised all over. from Nuku 'alofa Tonga all the way to Orlando Florida. Im Half Tongan and Half Dutch/Cherokee/Irish. I am Blessed with an Infectious Smile, a big Head, and Even Bigger Heart. I started Writing Rhymes when I was real young, but never started Rapping until the age of 14 or 15. I Graduated from Henry J Kaiser High School in 2004 and later Went to Full Sail University for Recording arts and Music Business for a bit, and Now I work at The Worlds Most Busiest Golf Course running the Pro Shop.(Hahaha) It's pretty cool though, since I can go online at work most of the time. Im really just trying to Save so I can go back to school and Help my parents out, all the while trying to pursue my dreams and aspirations in music. I got alot on my plate at times, but the way I see it is, Shoot, You Gotta Have a Full Plate if You wanna eat Right? Im Just always Hungry.

What type of hip hop do you grow up listening to?

Can't even say JUST Hip Hop. So many different Genres have been instilled in my soul from a young age. My Pops would ALWAYS have either Frank Sinatra or Eric Clapton playing. While my Mom would have more of a 80's-90's Hits type of taste. the Hip-Hop was all My family and friends. My cousins for Introducing me to the Chronic, and My best friend Louie for making it Stick.

Now, that style probably isn't the same as the sound of today does that make you appreciate hip hop any less?

I appreciate it allot more, merely because I see so many new artists trying to take it in a direction that takes away from the Music and song craft in my opinion. Im not Hating. It just makes me appreciate the Music I make and makes me want to share it even More!




Your mixtape is circulating like wild fire right now, what were some of your goals with the project? Did you work with any artists for the first time?

The Mix Tape is titled "Get Yo @ss Out My Face" and I don't care what anyone thinks of that title haha
I wanted to Show a bit of my humorous side but still be my up tight self you know. This was the first time working with Devious over at Track Baby Records, but the second time doing a song. Good Dude, Known him for some time now. Also Recorded my first song with Jonah the Whale on a Frankie Knux Beat! That was fun. But oops that was a Hidden track HAHAHA Secrets out. Also Got Big Mox and Dayvon on a couple tracks, with production from cats like Laelz, and more! Osna even lends his hands for some scratches on my favorite joint off the mix tape.

PART 2 on the way soon.

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