Real Talk w/ DJ EP Part I #PureCoalition


Pure Coalition is a focal point of the dance scene, what went into building such a strong foundation?

For us it was just a simple goal revolutionize the dance scene in hawaii and having an awesome team helps a lot. believe it or not its always been about the music and our love for the music.


All PURE Coalition Parties (E.D.M, SPACE, Livewire, PowerHouse)

Fav genre? Why? Why haters of that genre 1.) don't matter? 2.) should open their ears and minds to it.

Well all of the harder styles have my heart but UK hard house and hardstyle is my fav! haters of my genre just dont understand my sound is the true sound of the underground and it was the berth place of the Melbourne shuffle yes the same shuffle that is taking the world by storm. while my genre is not for everyone its nice to see them trying to keep up with the shuffle after shuffling to electro house.

Has the crowd you cater to changed this year?

The crowd has been growing and changing for the good and bad exposing the underground gaining new fans but at the end that our scene is so different that those true to the scene will be with us till the end and those in it for the wrong reasons just falls out of the scene.

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