Bangin Top 5: DJ Apollo’s Memorable Moments


1. Run DMC "Raising Hell" Concert at The Oakland Coliseum 1986. Beastie Boys, LL Cool J & EPMD opened up. When LL came out with Cut Creator scrathing "hard as hell"...that changed my life forever.

2. Seeing Mantronix at The Stone, SF 1985. The first time I saw a DJ scratching the word "fresh"

3. The day after (high) school, Daly City 1985, when Mix Master Mike and myself stumbled upon creating the 1st two-man "Peter Piper Routine" on one set of turntables.

4. Quitting my day job at Banana Republic to pursue a professional career as a DJ, 1990.

5. The day I got stung be an entire hive of bees, 5th grade.

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