Real Talk w/ LOPAZZ


Can you describe the "happy place" you enter when you are completely finished producing a track?

LOPAZZ: It´s heaven! Some tracks are easy to produce, others take a lot of time and these ones are the tough ones.I am really happy when I am done and I can play them loud in the clubs.

How has being hard on yourself to put out the best quality dance music possible helped bring out the very best in your efforts?

LOPAZZ: Well, live is a should love it and start everything with a smile on your face - that´s what I do, with a bit crazyness and a lot of love!

100 people on the dance floor and only 20 people are dancing. How much do you focus on the 20 who are vibing with you and how much do you focus on the 80 that are just taking up space?

LOPAZZ: I try to convince the 80 to join the 20 ...but I don´t get stressed - I focus on my music and what I like, but I always try to please everybody - I change the style of music if it´s not working - there´s a certain range within Electronic Music - I think a DJ should be able to change his set a lil bit from case to case.

There´s a funny DJ-Story about that; playing in a small club, everybody´s dancing - except 1 girl, asking for something different. She said "Could you
play something else? I have to prepare some stuff for my studies tomorrow and this music is to electronic for me..."


How do you juggle all of your responsibilities in music? Is it more of a juggling act or do you prefer to focus on one element at a time?

LOPAZZ: Jugglepazz! I do masterings and mixings, publishing and produce for other artists like DJ T. & M.A.N.D.Y. – i do scores for TV and
i am happy to be diverse and eclectic.

Looking at your DJ schedule Hawaii is one of the loan stops in the US, how do you plan on making the most of your time in paradise?

LOPAZZ: Early in the morning we’ll be startin’ out, some honeys will be coming along – we’re loading up our Woody, with our boards inside and headin’ out singing our song…

What have you enjoyed most about music in 2011 and what is the early forecast for you in 2012?

LOPAZZ: Slow Tempo House, Eclectic Vocal Tracks, Weirdo House, Dark & Sexy Disco…No big changes in 2012 I guess.

Electronica’s influence in pop music? your take? good or bad?

LOPAZZ: Uff. Hm, probably yes – it´s a bit too much everywhere…too much boom tshukk boom tshukk and too many melodies and effects, not enough
dynamics and headroom…it´s too loud and stressy sometimes. I also listen to folk, rock, ambient and old stuff – I enjoy the old school warmth and
dynamic music.

Are there aspects of the history of electronic music that younger fans and artists should know about?

LOPAZZ: Everything has been there before. That song you are listening to is a coverversion, a ripp-off, its been sampled 1000 times before.

DJ Mag will be in the house when you play Hawaii. Thoughts?

LOPAZZ: We´ll have fun – I´ll play some unreleased stuff and we´ll shake our hair-extensions!

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