Real Talk w/ C-Gutta PART 2


How do your frustrations help fuel your motivation to keep grindin'?

I wouldnt say that my grind is fueled by my frustration but more by my ambition, but alot of my musics inspiration comes my frustration . Music is my biggest outlet so whatever im feeling at the time will come through.

Biggest misconception people have about you and your music? How is there no truth to it at all?

That I'm signed or in a group. I've worked with several groups. Gotthos, Laborynth, Gritty Fifty, and Slappsymphony to name a few but Im an independent artist I just started my own label and we' re doing it all from the muscle.

Diggin' the website by the way, fill us in on your latest album and mixtape. How did you manage to record with Keith Murray?

I just wanna say thank you to Asiatic Majic, and everyone whose been following my musical progression, I just dropped Still Gutta Volume:3 you can download it all for free at also I got the track Pap featuring hip hop legend Keith Murray, The Happ, and Tripple Los. Produce d by J.P. Who connected us with Keith Murray.Also my deput album Black Attire Music Coming Soon.

Highlights of 2011?

Highlight of 2011 had to be opening up for Blackstar at Hawaii Theatre me and Repo being the first rappers to ever grace that stage. I felt like we were apart of Hawaii Hip Hop history. Haha, by far the highlight of my year.

Props, Praises, Shoutouts?

just wanna give a shout out to everybody in the Hawaii Hip Hop scene. Tripple Los and The Happ of Gotthos, D.j. Sub Z @Primaphonix Studios, Ely from Thirst4worst, Nala Gold and all my BK Boyz.

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