Real Talk w/ C-Gutta #Part One


What's the state of Hawaii Hip Hop today both positive and negative?

The positive is the unity that I see amongst everyone, artist, producers, promoters, DJs,.journalist etc... Everyone is coming together and using one anothers resources to uplift the movement. The negative is the lack of support from the potential consumer. I mean If you go to a local Hip Hop show majority of the audience are rappers and other rectly involved with the scene. There arent to many ” fans” or ”followers” which is needed when starting any type of movement.

As small as the scene is here, it seems like people in Hawaii either need to be convinced or just don't connect to the quality music local emcees put out would you agree?

I agree. I think thats why so many good artist who have the potential to take it a step further end up leaving the islands. But I love the underdog feeling it just makes me work that much harder

What needs to happen for Hawaii emcees to take that next step?

I dont know but must of the rappers on in the Hawaii scene that respect lyrically and creatively have left the island. But with the internet there noone is out of reach so I think it just goes back to the music. We need to just make original, undeniably phenomenal music. And the mainland will come looking for us.

What is your relationship like with Westbrook and Let-T-Let of Slapp?

Wazzup Slapp !! Those my dawgs, it seems like whenever we get together we make magic. And that that new album they got out is Crazy.

Who would you call your biggest mentors in the game?

To be honest I never really had a mentor musically. I always find myself in the mentor position cause I think I know it all. Haha. I think at this point in my career a mentor would be apropriate. There are a few people I look up to whose opinions I value but thats just in life period. Far as cats in the game I look up to. I would have to say Jay-z, 50 Cent, and Diddy for there business savvy.


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