Real Talk w/ Goapele PREVIEW


Inspirations come from the world and environment around us, you had the culture rich Bay Area to draw many inspirations from, what Bay Area inspirations growing up do you credit most for the direction and style of your music?

There are so many artist that have influenced me, but if I was just keeping it "Bay Area", I would say: Tony Toni Tone, Digital Underground, En Vogue, Zulu Spear,... The Bay Area has such a broad spectrum of cultures and perspectives, but it is a place where I have experienced people coming together in efforts to create positive change in the world, and Artists, musicians, & producers like : Bed Rock, Electric Thunderbolt, Mike Tiger, Bobby Ozunza, Hieroglyphics, Zion I, & more, come together and create a truly unique flavor musically.

Soul music doesn't necessary need to be accepted by the mainstream by any means but does reaching mainstream listeners matter to you when it comes down to the audience your creative and musical can potential reach?

I want to do the music that I love, and I hope to touch as many people in this world that I can.

To be continued...




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