Real Talk w/ Afrojack *Sneak Peak


Challenging your abilities and risk taking during a set, how often do you do it, is their a time when you really challenged yourself or took a huge risk and it ended up paying off in a big way for you?

There aren't really any risks to take during performing, I DJ for fun and never really messed up in it, worst thing that can happen is that I actually press the stop button , but if that happens I just press the play button again and the party continues!

Has their been a time recently where you were completely starstruck in meeting someone famous? Was their a time where surprised that a famous person was starstruck when they met you?

Actually I met Will Smith at the Grammy Awards 2011, he's been one of my role models when I was little, starting off by having fun with his hobby and building a business around it but still keeping the essence of fun there. And the other way around I have no idea, but I did meet some actors in Hollywood at some of my gigs and they said they loved my music, that was pretty dope.


Coming Soon: Afrojack talks about the Pop DJ debate, why luck has nothing to do with his success, his Rider, the life of DJing at 6’9 and more.

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