Bangin’ Top 5: Big Mox x Emcee Battles


Omega 6
I wanna say our first battle took place circa 02′, at a car show at the Blaisdell.. We didn’t know each other too well then and there was a bit of a conflict with the 2 of us. Big Tease was hosting and hyping up the fact that O6 was a battle rap champ and that I had won a few big battles of recent.

I pulled Travis6 in the first round of the battle! I was sweating for sure.I snapped into my zone and let it ride. I still remember his 1st 4 bars against me! It was right after “Magic Stick” by 50 Cent came out and he started with “You’ve got the fattest tits! I know if I could squeeze once, I could squeeze twice, they call me Travis 6.” then he goes ” I know this is a rap battle but damn boy, why they got me battling the hiphop Sam Choy!” BOOM! crowd was with it, i was with it, all around SICK battle! I had some flips and some punches that went over well and I won only to face him again at a Connect4 battle circa 04? One of the sickest Hawaii MC battles ever since ever.. beasts all over that battle.. Mush Mouth, Emirc, Kry Stilez, Jonah the Whale, Mic Phenom, Ion Myk, Creed, and gang of viciousness was present for that one.. Even Tom from Myspace was there with some beezys! That battle was a blur. We went overtime a couple of rounds but Omega 6 took that one much epicness when standing across the Mythical Male Legend that is Omega 6! Tom from Myspace thought it was a close battle and wanted us to re-match at the 2nd MySpace party the next night.I ended up facing Mic Phenom instead. more epic-ness.

For those who dont know, Nomadd of ALR is a battle beast! The first MC battle I ever entered, ever, was the 1st B-boy Reunion, at which I battled Nomadd for the first time in the finals and won. A few years later maybe circa 02' at a Kutmaster Spaz event at a ball room space in Ko'olau he succesfully sought out his revenge and caught me slippin.

I remember him busting out some OG fat jokes that went over on the crowd well,, i was firing back but made the mistake of trying to diss a Filipino during a mostly B-boy event. Not smart. We went extra rounds and the crowd wasn't clear on who won, so they left it up to the homie DJ Skid, who called it a draw. We split $500 bucks that day. I told him afterward he def beat me, and thanks for splitting the pot. def learned a lot from battling him.

The countdown continues. Come back for more.


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