Teachin’ NEVER Preachin’ w/ Kavet the Catalyst: 5 Greatest Moments in HIp-Hop

ITF 1999 in Hawaii
Turntablism was full born! and the International Turntable Federation decided to hold the World Championships in Hawaii @ UH Campus Center, the place was packed, and every dj was on the island. ISP, Allies, X-men, Perverts, Tony Touch, Sway & Tech, Style Elements, Jeru the Damaja, to name a few. HISTORY.


Big City used to close down around 10 and open up for Hip-Hop events. Jamal aka Kilowatts the mongoose was the lynch pin and he had the dopest open mics, bboys, live art. The vibe was 100% pure creativity. Atomsphere: SLUG, EYEDEA (livicated), DJ ABILITES had their first Hawaii show there to a packed diner!


Another Jamal aka Kilowatts the mongoose creation, DJ Jedi, DJ Delve, DJ DaniOne, so many dope djs would spin, Aceyalone performed a show there and KILLED it so hard, it was crazy. The vibe was exponential, HAWAII HIP-HOP was nuts.


MR. E (Eitaro) & SYZE ONE had the dopest radio show, they had all live mixing from DJ MIN ONE, DJ XL, DJ SUBZERO, DJ JRAMA, DJ DANIONE, it was ridicuous because that was the golden era of Hip-hop so there was no wack tracks, and even the mainstream was dope hip-hop. HOOMANAKAS vs. ABYSS, was epic.


Big ups to the homie FLASH, he put me on from 1739 to when he started doing the WAVE. LLCREW, Abstract Rude, Ugly Duckling, Hiero, Loot Pack, Busdriver, Radioinactive, so much Hip-Hop went down in the spot, you name it they probably rocked that spot.


Lightsleepers Show on KTUH
Yeah, im gonna big up myself, but you can't deny that we (as in myself and Hawaii Hip-hop at the time) didn't leave a mark in Hawaii History. I took the baton from Soul 69, The Listening Party w/ DJ Static, Big D, The Prude, and Jimmy Taco. I released 2 compilation: Narcoleptic Symposium & Ana Loves Digi which showcased freestyles from my radio show as well as new tracks from the artists that was on the come up, I produced over 500 cassettes of Narco and 1000 CDs of Ana Loves Digi. Doesn't seem like alot but the dubbing and downloading of those albums got us fans from JAPAN, GERMANY, FRANCE, LA, NY, CANADA, as much as there is internet now, we did it World Wide regardless.

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