Real Talk w/ Christian the Lion x Glitchdick *Part 2


What the fuck is a Glitchdick?

My band mate. I'm Christian the Lion and my brother is Glitchdick. He's just never at the shows. He's uglier than me so he's shame to show is face.

Out of the following categories what best describes your attitude or place in the DJ scene. 1.) I'm dope, can't fuck wit me 2.) I'm trying to get to the highest level possible 3.) I DJ because I love music and can't live without it.

I would say everything except number one, I honestly think I fucking suck, Trancis and Erick from Livewire are my personal favorite EDM DJs to watch, while for club shit I like to watch Mike D. and 720, Compose is my favorite dj that plays the shit i wanna hear, Packo/Technique/Nightmarcher/Shift always have crazy shit on deck too. Loic and Willis def hold it down for the afterhour joints. Hawaii has so much talent that is under the radar to the rest of the world. I cant wait til we all start to make it one by one. it's only a matter of time to me.

DJing tipsy vs. DJing drunk vs. DJing sober.

I'm a little off, me sober is a little weirder and crazier than most people shitfaced.

Do you get "high" from DJing or music in general? If so, how do you share this high through your DJing?

Of course, anyone who performs knows this feeling, its something you only get onstage infront of a thousand people, when I play im not putting on an act or anything, i always go fucking nuts listening to music, I remember being in the studio with Kanye and we would listen to tracks and I would be jumping around and head banging and shit, I just cant control myself once I get in this certain place in my head.

Glitchdick performs at Haunted Wonderland

Christian jumps off the roof at Haunted Wonderland

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