Real Talk w/ Christian the Lion x Glitchdick*Part Wun


What music do you fuck wit/don't you fuk wit?

i love every genre and style in music, all music fits into different occasions and moods that you go through as a human, currently my playlist is all drizzy and the weekend, ovo & xo for life..

How does your experience as a sound engineer help or give you an edge DJing?

Training on my ears!!!!! Knowing frequencies and how they interact with each other, different songs have different instruments with different timbres, knowing how they will work with each other is a big advantage to me. Plus I always keep everything in key, so nothing sounds outta place when I mix.

Current residencies and why they excude dopeness.

The only residency I have right now is at Lava Rock in Waikiki. I'm there 5 nights a week. I play top 40 and hip hop there.

Address the following 1.) Dubstep haters, 2.) Dubstep newbies, 3.) Dubstep DJs/supporters.

Dubstep haters: im completely with you guys, fuck dubstep, it sounds like drills and chainsaws over a slow stoner beat.

Dubstep Newbies: Come to my shows and send me nudes of your mom.

Dubstep DJs: You guys are all probably better than me. I just get the gigs 'cause I play top 40 remixes and jump around on stage like an idiot.

Ignore the Hater, Part 2 = Later

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