Real Talk w/ Eligh #Therapy@3


Have you had the opportunity or tried (but failed) at helping a friend get clean?

I learned early on that people cannot be force-fed recovery..That you cant beat someone over the head
with what you think they should do, because in the end, one only seeks it when ones ready for it. So, I let
it be known to all my loved ones, that I'm here to help if they want it..

Talk about your tight bound with your brother Grouch, your thoughts on his move to Maui and how you have helped each other in life.

Awww man, that's a big thing to ask me! ha..but yes..hes my big brother. We've been through alot of shit together, and personally since we've known each other. We click with music..we click so easily, and agree so easily, that its pretty effortless working together. Our life's paths, in my eyes, seem to mirror each other, in the choices we've made in our personal lives, so we remain on the same page with shit..I'm very happy he moved out to Maui, because I get to visit!

Does Rio (Grouch's daughter) call you Uncle Eligh?

Yes she does..and I love it.


Trials and tribulations, darkness and light, what do things mean to you and how is life more fulfilling?

What does that mean to me? That’s life! That’s my life! Although as I get older and continue on my journey, the light is where I want to be..The light is what I seek. The darkness is no longer a safe place for me to be..

Final thoughts before rocking Honolulu?

Man, I just hope people come see me, and get to hear my love through the speakers. I love music, I love performing it, I love the islands, and I want to share it with as many
people as possible..Come to therapy with me..!


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