Ill Talk w/ DJ Bozu

(Photo Credit: JT)

What made you want to enter the DJ Battle at Dave and Busters?

Actually, I wasn't gonna enter the battle. Romeo asked me to enter from 2nd week. but (on the) other hand, I did it because I thought it's a good experience for career of djing.

How much time did you put preparing?

It really depends.. because first one (first week) was only 1 day to make a set and one more day to practice. The last set took almost (a) whole week because we had to make 2 sets.

What was your strategy going into the battle?

I didn't have any strategy and plan for the 1st and 2nd week but for the last set I had game plan.First set (last week) I played Top 40, electro and dub step because the DJ battle isn't DMC kine. so I thought first set should be something familiar to (the) crowd and all (the) judges. I saved hip-hop side for 2nd set because it's my favorite! (lol)

Who were you most impressed with?

I love to see DJ Shift and DJ Anrky. Lately i'm learning more electro and DUB. They are good at it and I respect all of participants for the battle.

What were you most pleased with about your sets?

The 2nd Set (final week), i juggled on Biggie's "Hypotize," that part took me long time but it's not good enough tho.
Gotta practice more for (the) next battle..

How did u celebrate after winning?

Actually I had to work after the battle I went to The Clubhouse after the battle. We just started every Tuesdays at the Clubhouse.(Old Hard rock Cafe)
so come through!!

(Photo Credit: JT)

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