Real Talk w/ Westbrook of Slapp Symphony


How did you select the artists for the project?

We reached out to artists and gave them beats. They recorded to it at various studios through out the island, sent us back the tracks (vocals). Then we mixed all the beats and vocals down at Matthew Honda's studio, then we got with DJ Compose and DJ Jami in the studio and figured out which songs would best match the theme of the album. (Drown 'em in Beats = we choose the most musical beats / Save' em with Rhymes = we choose the most meaningful songs with rhymes that relate to life, love, religion (beliefs) problems and striving for the best in life.

What was NSK's contributions?

They helped every step of the way, holding meetings about every other month (1 year process). To make sure we are all on the same page. They arranged the track listings and went through all the songs and choose the ones that will match the theme of the album, also making sure the songs flowed together seamlessly one after the next. They (also) scratched on the intro.

What was the signature goal of the album?

The goal was to create a high quality album (sound & concept) with different genres (reggae, gospel, classical, RnB & Hip-Hop) in an attempt to have these different genres be more aware of each other. (bringing Hawaii's music scene together on one project)

Not only the musical part but also collaborating with fashion stylist, hair and make up artists, videographers, photographers and graphic designers. All threw the album artwork to album music video's and photoshoots. A huge collaborating effort we thought of consciously going into this project.

What do you hope listeners will learn and gain from the album?

We hope listeners will learn, enjoy and relate to the artists stories and experiences over our backdrop of musical beats on the album all the way threw from start to finish and gain an understanding of Hawaii's talent through different forms of music.

Where will people be able to pick up the album when it is finally released on Black Friday?

Fitted Hawaii, in4mation, Sindication, KicksHI, local liquor shops, iTunes. If you see us, NOC, or any of the artists on the album, ask us and them.
Visit for a complete listing of retailers carrying the album.


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