Bangin’ Top 5: DJ Tide


"Airwave" - Rank 1
The melodies in this song have always had an emotional impact on me.Its still a classic track for me till this day.

"Illamerica" - Woflgang Gartner
The energy that this song emits has always helped me to rock the dance floor!

"Laybrinth Part 1"- Moogwai
This song's construction has always amazed me, the melodies, the synths, everything about it amazes me.

"The Vision" - Mario Piu
This classic hard trance track has always been a favorite of mine to play at parties, and I still have my original vinyl of it.

"Higher State of Pantyness" -Krafty Kuts
This breakbeat track is insane in its production. The sheer madness the breakdown and buildup causes makes it one of my favorite floor fillers.

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