Ill Talk w/ BIGRYZN


How long you been into hip hop, how would you introduce yourself to YOUR Hawaii Hip Hop fam?

Since huge 200 dollar ghetto blasters, since Pumas n Fat Laces, since practicing break dance routines in the garage with my fam. I was like 10 years old in ’84. W was the young one watching n soaking it up from my big brother. In LA when I met my 1st love hip hop and we been together ever since. Talofa lava !!!! my name is BIGRYZN , aka bigtime an original product of a flavor unit that was created here in honolulu in the 90’s called HOMEGROWN MASSIVE!

You are one of many artists featured on Rakaa’s “Ambassador Slang” track, how did that opportunity come about?

Peace to my brotha RAKAA. I believe he came across a couple joints i did with my brotha MOSHPIT together we were known as ADRENALINE BROTHERS and he must’ve saw something in us. A year later he borned us as CHIEFSONS and he must’ve been building on the concept of making a record with who he felt were some of the illest ASIAN PACIFIC ISLANDER MC’S out there and from there he built AMBASSADOR SLANG.

Who are some of your musical influences?

My influences were the pioneers cause that’s who was hot and in rotation on radio and tv when I first met her. Originals like AFRIKA BAMBAATAA , GRAND MASTER FLASH , TWILIGHT 22 , THE EGYPTIAN LOVER , NEWCLEUS , WHODINI , LA DREAM TEAM , SLICK RICK , FAT BOYS , ERIC B AND RAKIM , BOOGIE DOWN PROD , EPMD , BIG DADDY KANE , N.W.A. , A TRIBE CALLED QUEST , CRUSH GROOVE , BEAT STREET , BREAKIN . man I can go on all day long , I’m sure you get the picture.

What did you dig most about your visit to the Big Island and Maui?

That Big Island and Maui was alot like American Samoa to me, way chill more island style living, slowed down if you want it to be but again you can just drive to town area and it could be jumping off like it would be in the city.


How did you find out you were related to High Chief?

When Big Dave took me, Rakaa and King Kapisi to meet and have lunch with Walter's dad and siblings . It was maybe in the same week he was laid to rest. It was a trip cause when I seen his dad, I was saying to myself, Yooo!!! his dad looks exactly like my Uncle Loi Lutalia. I had to ask him if he knew my uncle Loi and he replied with a smile and said yea, that's my brother and he asked how I know him and I told him he's married to my Aunty Aga and they had a gang of children so yeah our bloodlines mixed.

"West Coast Islandaz"- BIGRYZN

Talk about A.I.G.A and how you became affliated?

I became affiliated with a.i.g.a. through my good friend TAVITA aka BIG DAVE and HIGH CHIEF in the 90's. I used to live here in Honolulu for a few years. I met them through my unit HOMEGROWN MASSIVE, they were always bouncing at all the hotspots back then and we just molded as well and was killing cyphers at joints like LIQUIDZ back then and it's been on ever since . s/o to Big Dave and the whole A.I.G.A.



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  1. ChiefSons are the iLLest!!! High energy, motavating & inpiring Hip Hop. Been a fan since day one. The skills should be witnessed by all! Big Ups to BigRyzn & MoshPit….keep bangin!

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