Real Talk w/ Positive Regime


Years in the "game"

I've been DJing since 1993 on KTUH, 1995 in clubs.

What was it like recording with Shinehead?

I've been doing dub plates with Shinehead for a few years now. As a reggae sound system its important to collect "dubplates" from as many artists as possible. A dubplate or special, is an exclusive version of a piece of music, usually (re-)recorded by an artist. The first time I recorded with Shinehead was a crowded session in a small studio in Kalihi. This last time was in a nice studio in the North Shore and he was able to lay down his golden touch. Knowing what I play and my style of reggae he knew exactly what I wanted. you will have to come to one of my reggae nights to hear one of these exclusive reggae dubp lates.

The competition is probably as fierce as its ever been as far as DJing and Nightlife Promotions. What is the best and worst of that competition and what advice would you give to newbies in both areas?

Competition is as fierce as you make it, I've never really played Top 40 music so that eliminates alot of clubs that i wouldn't even go to let alone wanna play at. I play downtempo and reggae since '93 and I guess I have found a niche cause there really hasn't been much competition in that genre. As for the reggae scene, I have seen djs come and go. That being said, I would have to say its all about stayin' on top of my game, making sure that I am up to date with the newest tunes and keepin my dubplates collecting. I really dont worry about what other people are thinking, but I do support others in the scene as much as I can.

come back from Part 2!!

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