Real Talk w/ Noah Neevz


What's the story behind the title of your new mixtape?

Every one of these tracks really represent me at this point of my life. I chose the name "5 Days Off" for the mixtape because right now at my day job I only work the weekends, so I have been spending the whole week at home working on my music. I'm trying to stop partying and lock down on my music and I am really trying to make the transition.

I consider "Still You" and "All Out" as two tracks that definitely caught me ear from the jump. What went to each song?

I picked up the beat for "Still You" this exact track and knew I wanted someone singing on the Hook. I feel like a big part of making music is picking up on the producers cues and from the second I heard it I knew which direction I wanted to take this track.

For "All Out" I wanted to a do a track that would sound really good live. Ive been to my fair share of hotel parties and I wanted to capture that kind of energy.

What was the creative process like for "5 Days Off?"

I feel like my process is a little different then other artists. I just continuously make tracks and over time group them up. I haven't done a project yet where I planned everything with a theme. I just like to look at each mixtape as window into my life at the moment.

Do you think its difficult to get the average everyday mainstream hip hop head to give Hawaii Hip Hop a chance?

As far as HI Hip-Hop I feel like everyone is making progress and that's all we can do for now. I believe people will start noticing more soon. I feel like everyone is going to hit a level and start producing music that people can't ignore. Till then I feel everyone should just keep grinding and pushing forward.

What advice would you give to some of your peers on the come up?

My advice for all my peers is just keep working. Over time you'll develop your own style and things start to click more.

To Be Continued..........


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