Real Talk w/ DJ Russoul


Where do you fit in as far as the "dynamics" of Hawaii's EDM scene and how do you think you have GROWN?

I"m trying to help out the EDM scene by playing a lot of good music that the people can have fun and dance to all night long and I also would share all the music I play to everyone who loves the music. By doing all of this I've grown to love all the people who shares the same things and values that I have for making Hawaii EDM scene a awesome scene to have fun in. I really believe that Hawaii will be the next Ibiza if we all can come and work together. I really want to see this day happen in the near future. I know so far it's heading into that direction.

What is your personally philosophy to music and what was the process that went into putting together your mixtape?

My personal philosophy whenever I mix, I would take the crowd on a fun and emotional journey through all different types of sounds, melodies, and grooves and playing what are the hot tracks out right now. So I kept the mixtape the same way I would do if you were at the club.

What are a few of your goals of the mixtape?

The first goal I had in making this mixtape was to cover my philosophy of music in a little over an hour span. Usually I play 3 hours sets on a weekly basis. Sometimes longer. But to do it a small amount of time was a little challenging but also very fun. The second goal was to make sure the mixtape was good to either listen to or even jamming out and dancing. I want to listeners to have fun and feel the music the same way I feel.


I’m sure you are your biggest critic. Who then is your SECOND and THIRD biggest critic and what kind of advice have you gained from them?

The second biggest critic will be all the dj’s/ producers I work with at Asylum and also the House Society. The advices I have gained from them was to just be Russoul and just do what you think is right. If it doesn’t work, then that’s when I learn from that experience not to do it again. If it works stick with. They also taught me about loving the music I play and being passionate and motivated about the music. Also to be a forward thinking dj. I would like to thank al of the Asylum resident djs and the House Society crew for helpig me a lot and also giving me the oppurtunity to play and jam out with them. And of course learning from each and everyone of them.The third biggest critic are the BOAY crew. This was the very first crew I hung out with a lot which goes back to 2002 days. They taught me a lot about mixing and making sure that I have a good flow and of course at that time to beat match properly and phrasing correctly. I remember Tom-e will always give me a hard time, but at the end I realize what role he’s played because he really pushed me to my limits and he also believed that I could really go far if I stayed humble and work hard at it. I would also like to thank him and the Boay crew a lot.

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