Ill Talk w/ Repo Part2


How does your rhymes fit into the scheme of Hawaii HIp Hop?

I feel that my music fits in with the scheme of HI hip hop cuz I speak of real life situations growing up here…there’s ah struggle growing up here ,& I am from dat struggle…I come from dat era when ice first hit HI…that was my life growing up in HI was tough & im sure there’s alot of others that come from dat struggle…see I rob and stole & sold drugs not cuz it was cool…it was wut we had to do…I am not that guy no more,but I come from that so I can speak on dat…aside of dat,I actually can flow as well…on some yeah dat dude can rap..& for the record I was nvr on dope,but everyone I knew was–dat shit cray!!

How long have you been a part of Gritty 50?

I’ve repped G50 since late 06-early 07…wuns (live from the 808) mixtape was my first appearance as being in G50…then we dropped sink or swim vol.1 (HI hiphop classic) which I feel was the blueprint to showing everybody else in HI how to rap & put songs together…b4 us HI hiphop was garbage bruh all truth b told…G50 raised bars & set standards here…but nobody says it but everybody know it!!…we are HI’s dopest!!!

As an artist, what would you say are the best and worst aspects of doing Hip Hop in such a secluded place like Hawaii?

The best part of doin music here in HI is noone has rlly blown it up hiphop wise…I feel like when someone does (preferably me) the worlds attention will b here musically & they will wanna here everything we have to offer including our island music…the worse part is u get no support from locals as well as radio stations/t.v & even other artist as well…I almost feel like music dnt speak for itself here…



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