Ill Talk w/ REPO part1


Introduce yourself to the audience real quick to the people that don't know you but should already know the name REPO!

Names Repo..ah name given to me by my friends,cuz growin up I was ah stick up kid/ripoff anything not bolted down..

Unifying Hawaii Hip hop seems to be on alot of people's minds, how important is it to you?

Unifying HI hiphop is ah cool though but it's like Santa Claus to me..I don't believe in it...I feel like inferior will nevr support superior...I'm all for it...but I don't believe music speak for itself here..& I don't believe artist here will except what's just better & support it,they'd rather hide it...for whatever reasons & dats wack!! it's on my mind I'm wit it...but I gotta see it to believe it.

What is the one misconception people have of you and your style?

The one misconception is my style is it's gangsta rap...mostly cuz I have ah aggressive style & my delivery is it comes across gangster like...but if u listen to the words,well than ud here creativity like no onelse on dis rock!!...lolol...misconception on me is idk...but I kno I do say wut I feel & wut others won't...I do call it how I c it regardless of others opinions...& I do kno wut sounds good & wut dnt...& I kno my shit more John blaze than there's!!...nah fo real tho,I'm confident & I kno I got wut it takes...others call it cockiness when they realize that too...ppo may not like me for all those reasons as mentioned aboved...IDGAF..I'd go track for track video for video wit anybody from here or there!!.I kno my shit dope!!...hahaha...

Who are some of your Hip Hop Mentors?

My DJ...DJ Subzero...since I've met him,my music & creativity has all boosted since I teamed up wut him....dats my muthafuckah!!...


How do you intend to close out 2011 musically?
I’m ending 2011 wit the release of my new shit titled “Live from H.I.atus”…title coming from the fact that I’m tryna get alot ah artist from HI on dis tape…so far I got Kimo James, Pro,I’m workin on summin wit Broke Mokes and ah bunch of others here…me no hate…I fuck wit anybody doin good music aimin’ to put HI on the map & if they fucks wit me…also HI could b ah place to hiatus at..

Shouts Props Praises and Plugs.

Much props to Subzero, Ill Phil–(Stone Groove) of course WUN tho we don’t speak much..still my dude…Bone!!…blessd, Liquid Therapy, Slapp Symphony, the streets of HI…”y’all can keep yah fans man I got the streets wit me”…

This Ain’t Shit Compared to Part 2…

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