Real Talk w/ DJ Tide Part 2


Thoughts of having a EDC element at Alohalaulea?

I think it’s an awesome idea. Ive always loved music festivals that have a wide variety of genre choices, whether its hip-hop, rock, reggae. Music is the universal language and should be appreciated by all types of people.

What's your plan of "action/attack" that night?

I’m basically going to work off the crowd. As it will be a mixture of both edm and non-enthusiasts , I will try to find a balance that will please both sides.

Favorite genre?

My favorite genre by far is house. I tend to play Electro house more, but I have a passion for all House. Second would definitely be breakbeats. There is nothing funkier than breakbeats in my opinion. Outside of EDM, I love 80s music. Inxs, Culture Club, Depeche Mode…love love love it all!

How many favorite genres have you had?

I tend to switch genres every few years, just to keep myself on my toes. But overall I have 2 genres that I favor, House and Breakbeats.

Favorite parties you attended ever?

My first massive edm event here was the new years eve party featuring Carl Cox. That party is a legend that is still being talked about today. Another favorite party of mine was when I headlined a club night in Manila at Club Manor. Playing overseas was definitely a test for my DJing skills, as their tastes are so different, in a good way of course.

State of the scene today through your eyes?

The state of the scene is primarily good. Good because it’s at the largest its ever been. With so many promotion groups, the quality of DJing and the DJs being brought down have went up tenfold. But as what has happened in the past, once it reaches the climax, the scene will start to die down. But I only hope it grows bigger and better.
The cons are mainly that sometimes negative connotations are associated with the EDM scene. But that is our job, as DJs and Promoters, to show that the negativity is heresay, and that the positives definitely outweigh the negatives.

How do you try to make the scene a better place?

I try to make it better by presenting a positive vibe and atmosphere through my music. I also try to educate others who are new to the scene, to always have a positive outlook, and to enjoy the edm scene for what its mainly known for. And that is, beautiful music.

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