Real Talk w/ DJ Tide part 1


Talk about your dedication to the scene?

Ive been dedicated to the edm scene for 12 years starting this month, and Ive been through both the good and the bad. I have a great passion for everything that is in the EDM scene, and I hope through that passion I can help to make it much better than it already is.

So how did you get your DJ name?

The story behind how I get my DJ name is one of mystery and intrigue, and it involves….haha seriously though the way I got my DJ name was that I was always known for wearing a shirt with the tide detergent logo on it. And since then Ive always been known as Tide…mystery solved haha.

Is it more important to be "Fresh" or "Clean?

I feel it is important to be both Fresh and Clean. Fresh meaning to play good tracks that the crowd will love, and Clean in having a positive attitude and outlook in demeanor.

Does that mean you’re a neat freak?

Haha ask my girlfriend, I’m far from a neat freak…

Hawaii DJs you admire and why? National DJs you admire? why?

I admire all the DJs here in Hawaii, as it takes a lot of hard work in dedication to do what we do. But as far as my favorite Hawaii DJ? Hands down DJ Technique. Whether it’s at the top clubs or edm events in Hawaii, DJ Technique is always throwing it down. He is what I would consider the definition of a DJ.


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