Real Talk w/ Rakaa Iriscience


Talk about some of the highlights of your Kona and Maui shows?

Just meeting new people, making new friends, visiting very spiritual
places, and rocking with world-class artists that deserve more shine.
Both shows felt like family parties.

You are somewhat familiar with Hawaii Hip Hop scene, artists talk a lot about the disadvantages they face in making a career in music and still do work. You are from L.A. and have an accurate perspective on the music business, what are some ADVANTAGES Hawaii artists have?

Cultural diversity, the fact that the world often comes to you, and the fact that so many here have ties to other places. It isn't always easy to see the advantages, but I see them and I know that it is definitely possible. I am investing my time into making sure that
artists here know that they are included and connected. I love HI Hip

Talk about some music biz risks that paid off for you in the end?

My whole career has been a series of calculated risks. Too many to mention, but walking out of 2 different record deals with the confidence that we would be better for it comes to mind immediately.

How did Slick approach you to be apart of Friday's big event? How do you know Slick btw?

He just asked... I think we were at the wedding of a mutual friend (and legendary artist of the highest degree) named Chaz Bojorquez when he asked. In any case, I worked on the latest Dissizit! mixtape and did a shirt with them, and we did an exclusive line with them as Dilated Peoples. Slick is a Graffiti legend and one of the top visual designers in the game today. I became a fan when I first saw his work
when he moved to CA from HI... Now we're family.

Your fans want more Dilated Peoples, when can they get some?

Evidence is dropping Cats & Dogs on September 27th. DJ Babu will drop Duck Season 4 later this year or top of 2012. New Dilated Peoples album Directors of Photography out in mid-2012.

What are some of your fondest memories of Walter High Chief XL Saole?

Wow... That's my big Uso and I miss him in the physical form. Just being one of the coolest, most open, talented, helpful, and beautiful people that I have ever been blessed to meet. Partying at Pipeline; eating garlic chicken with him, Big Dave, and DJ Jrama; hearing his voice for the 1st time on a song I think called "Fire" that he did with Tassho Pearce (then named Emirc)... So many.


Top 5 Hawaii Memories

Childhood in Waimanalo, bringing Dilated to rock Pipeline, the love at
the benefit for Walter “High Chief XL” Saole last year, having lunch with the family the next day, and being blessed by Aisea Suluape (from Soul Signature Tattoo) with a traditional tap tat with a very personal traditional piece.

Final words? Plugs, props and praises?

Mahalo nui loa, Hawai’i. Special thanks to Aiga, Slick and the Dissizit family !, BIGRYZN, Tassho Pearce, Mo Illa Pillaz, DJ Jimmy Taco, Aisea and the entire Soul Signature family (I am honored by the blessing), East, JudahOne, Revolutionary Habitat, The Grouch, Angry Woebots, and everyone that showed love to make this trip extra special. You too, Kalani. Of course I must also send love to my
Dilated Peoples crew, Rock Steady Crew, Universal Zulu Nation, C2D crew, and my Gracie Jiu Jitsu family. Support Hawai’i Hip Hop. Aloha.


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