Ill Talk w/ DJ Babu #Top5InterviewsEver


How did Slick approach you to be a part of such a special event.

Obviously Slick is a legend in LA and worldwide as an artist, Us being part of the LA hip hip scene and evidence and Rakaa having strong roots as LA graff writers, we always respected and were big fans of his work, but I believe he spoke to Rakaa about doing a Dissizit x Dilated collabo and it was a real no-brainer and an honor for us.

Was working at a gas station to save funds for the DMC something you look back upon foundly because you had to give up something to get something?

Definitely, at the time it was a very simple, I lived under my parents roof, i was failing in junior college, all that mattered was the next Dj battle. My parents weren’t against me djing but they didn’t exactly encourage it either, so it forced me to work hard and appreciate everything I earned as a Dj and it’s always left me with this feeling that if u focused and worked hard u could attain your dreams….something I still believe in


Was making it big beyond LA always a dream of yours? What advice would u give to someone who's every intention is to take their talents beyond just their hometown or home state.

To be honest with you I think not worrying about success has always been a good thing for me, I always put more care into how dope my art is and how it's presented than worrying about how many units I sell or followers I have on a social network........but as I've gotten older I've tried my best to balance art and commerce which can be such a catch 22.

Your sons will be with you in Hawaii, are they into hip hop?

Very much, my oldest raps, makes beats, plays drums, and is starting to Dj, my youngest definitely loves the music and the art, but in my house It's jus a priority that being creative is a part of our everyday routine.

Highlights of the Family Vacation Tour?
Too many.......but I guess plating red rocks in Colorado and the Greek in LA were big highlights for me, but it was an honor being on the road wit Prof, Blueprint, Atmosphere and the whole crew.

Top 5 Producers/ Top 5 MCs?
Hmmmmmmm Preemo, Dilla, Madlib, Pete Rock, Dr. Dre.......list goes on. Nas, Krs, Rakim, Evidence and Rakaa.

Care to comment on the name screw up in the LA Weekly and Wikipedia?
(laughs) It's really no big deal, I'd like to say peace to the LA weekly for always supporting my crews and myself, but I have to admit it's a little frustrating when they misspell ur name in ur hometown, it's all love tho! As far wikipedia's info that my birthname is "Melvin Babu", I think it's pretty funny, all my friends call me Melvin now.

What next for you and how do you plan on enjoying your time in Hawaii?

If u haven't picked up Rakaa's Crown of Thorns LP your mad late and Evidence's Cats and Dogs LP is out this month.....u need to have both of those LPs and lookout for Duck Season 4 early 2012 and of course a new Dilated LP mid 2012.

Obviously I will be at the beach, eating shaved ice and lunch plates and I hope to spend some time at Lanakai Beach. Also u know I'm getting up wit my peeps Tassho Pearce and Jimmy Taco! Mahalo Hawaii I ❤ U! Thanks Kalani see you soon.

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