Real Talk w/ DJ Joaquin Bamaca #SummerWonderland


What stokes you out the most about playing big festivals?

I love playing at any event whether it’s a club or festival. My favorite part is walking around and taking it all in. Meeting new people and also having a chance to listen to some great djs

Besides playing for the crowds at these big music festivals, how much time do you actually make to meet and interact with the people?

I do love interacting with my fans but each festival is different. As soon as I finish my set I take the time to walk around and meet new people.


Are you aware of the incident at the Indiana State Fair. What was your reaction to the stage virtually imploding and what safety and security measures would you like to see taken?

Yes, I saw it on tv the other day and it was shocking. My heart goes out to the lives lost in that event.

What are some of your job duties as the Marketing Manager for Insomniac?

We create a marketing strategy for each festival and we have ads, billboards, flyers, social media and ticket giveaways. We have so many festivals and club nights across the US and each market is different. It allows us to be a little more creative with each show.


What are your fondest memories from your last visit to Hawaii?

I have so many fond memories of Hawaii. It was my first time and Jace and Remy really made me feel like family. I can never forget the energy that the Hawaiian ravers have. I’m excited to see that kind of energy again.

With summer ending soon, what were some of your highlights, lowlights and memorable experiences?

Summer ending? It doesn’t feel like it. Highlights this summer, is EDC moving to Las Vegas. Now I’m ending my summer with Hawaii then to Burning Man with the Insomniac family. What more can I ask for, no lowlights for me.

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