Beats by Pro #FTB


I Could Go On For Days But I'll Try Break It Down Like This.. The Kind Of Beats That Capture My Ear & Attention Are Beats That Just Have Dope Vibes..

"Spottieottiedopaliscious" By Outkast Produced By Organized Noize is One of My Favs.That Whole Vibe Is Just Amazing To Me, The Instruments, Horns, & Bass line Over Rich Live Sounding Drums Just Always Hypnotizes Me.

"Whoa" By Black Rob Produced By Buckwild, is Another Classic Beat. I Mean.. That Beat Is Just Classic Dope All Around!! I Love Beats That Just Got That Bounce To It.. Beats Like That could make Any Damn Body to Start Bobbin They Head!! The Strings &

I Love Drums that Just Knock, I Love 808's Just As Much As The Next Man But I Love Drums Like Dr. Dre's "Explosive" Track, Nice Crisp Soundin Layered Kick Drum Is A Must For The Trunks In My Opinion, Gotta Love That Sound.
Track, I Love The "Classic" Sound Of Hip Hop, So To Say But Im Excited To See Where Things Are Evolving To. I Love Dubbstep & Hip-Hop Mash-Ups & I Think It Could Be A Great Next Style, If Cats Aint Jumpin Up On It Yet.. *hint *hint. A Great Beat To Me, Would Just Be Something That Just Sounds Unique That Just Caters To The All Around Vibe, Its About Picking Out The Right Sounds That Mesh & Blend Well.

Big Ups To All The Producers & Everyone Doin Their Thing, Much Love & Respect, Aloha. PRO. FTB. 24Block. H.I. We Next!

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