Real Talk w/ DJ Vice


Is your world as still as crazy and fun as ever? What have been your personal highlights of this summer?

I have been dj'n since I was 12 years old and the fun never seems to stop! Its a passion that turned into a career. I would have to say my ultimate highlight this summer was playing at Electronic Daisy Festival in front of a crowd of over 10,000 people. It was such a high rocking to a crowd of electronic music lovers....I know I will get that same rush when I play Summer Wonderland!

I read somewhere recently that you've been playing at massive music festivals this summer. What's that experience been like for you?

It's definitely a different experience compared to playing a nightclub. I get to not only go harder and deeper with my sets but I get to feel the energy 100x more because people are their for the music first and foremost.

Will Summer Wonderland be the second music festival you have ever played?

I just played a festival in Northern California last week with a big turnout..I have played other festivals in the past but never on main stages. It is a great elevation to take my dj'n to the next level and Im glad Hawaii is going to be a part of it with me!

So you will be one of the judges of the LVCVA Spin-Off, with all the great DJs in the Las Vegas area, do you see the contest becoming a standard as far as DJ (club) contests are concerned?

I would love for it to become a standard. There are so many talented DJ's & Producers out there and just because they may not know the right people working in the industry should not hold them back from being discovered. This contest allows anyone and everyone to be a part of it and gives them the chance for some major exposure!

Will you be a strict, hard to please judge like Simon Cowell?

Of course! I know whats good and whats not...plain and simple.


Last time we spoke, I remember you mentioning your son being into sports more than DJing, has that changed at all?

Still a sports fan…I always tell him “Wait till you go to your first school dance and see what the DJ is all about” haha

DJs often complain about the lack of freedom they have at a venue for whatever reason. Do you think club owners and promoters should have more faith in the DJ’s knowledge of music? Would advice would have for DJs in that kind of predicament? What suggestions would you have the promoter or club owner?

I backed away from radio for the simple fact that I had no freedom anymore. I always understand that its about pleasing the crowd in clubs and working with the owners but at the same time they are owners of the club because they know how to operate a club….we know how to control a crowd. Let a DJ do his thing and trust in him and watch the crowd not only learn some new music but enjoy the ride along the way.

When did you notice you had free reign and could pretty much play whatever you wanted?

I wouldn’t say I have 100% free reign….I still have to adjust to crowds and play what works in certain places but when it comes to festivals it’s about what I want to give the party people and how they will take it. That’s the difference between a club set and a festival set to me.

When was the last time you noticed or even felt a Hawaii presence in a Vegas nightclub?

Vegas is basically Hawaii. I have tons of friends from Vegas that all have come from Hawaii.

I hear that former Hawaii resident DJ Toma has played at your CRSVR, how did you two meet?

Good people attract good people!

Chicken Katsu or Loco Moco?

Chicken Katsu

Final words, shouts, praises for those Hawaii party people getting ready to rage out at Summer Wonderland?

First off thanks for all the support and excitement I have been getting from everyone in Hawaii…I am just excited about Summer Wonderland as you are! And If this is your first time getting to hear me rock…I WONT LET YOU DOWN!! Now let’s have some fun together Hawaii……SHOOOOOOOOOOTS!


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