Ill Talk w/ Kwalified MC of Ill Hill Society


How would you describe the Ill Hill song writing process?

Honestly, I don't think we really have a set process when we work on stuff together. It just kinda happens. It's magic, but not lame Harry Potter magic. We don't use wands in the studio. That would be weird. Hahaha. Nah, we usually just try to catch a feeling off the beat and then go from there. The hooks are usually the hardest part. We usually do that all together. Rock-Za has been hitting home runs on that hook game lately though.

What is recording like with Ill Hill?

Recording is actually pretty fun. It's mostly us just clowning around and Rock-Za and I telling Cozy how much cooler the studio was when he used to have Sprite there. Honestly, I think that fool only had Sprite once or twice. I swear to Based God those were the best two times I've ever been there though. I love Sprite. I'm trying to get that Sprite sponsorship. I bet you my Sprite commercial would be better than Drake's. Watch. Haha.

What is your personal knowledge of Hawaii hip hop pre '05?

My knowledge at the time was kind of limited. I had heard of Mox and Krys Stilez. I was aware of E-Dub because he was my homie's cousin, and I was a fan of ParcCyde. My homies who lived in KPT put me on. I also knew of EMIRC (Tassho Pearce) and I was getting schooled in the game by OR1GINAL and ASL. It wasn't until '06 that I really started getting my feet wet in the scene. I met The Soul Pacific and they showed mad love. Bless'd Chil' was another cat who helped me out. Cyphers with that dude helped me raise my game up. I'm kinda getting off topic now, but yeah. Hahaha. Once I got involved in the scene, I went back to learn the history. I learned about Omega Cix sonnin' fools, I learned about the graffiti scene, I learned that Hawaii has a rich hip hop history and it stretches through all the elements. I'm really proud to be part of this scene and I want me and my brothers in Ill Hill to do all we can to help it grow here and abroad.

What is Ill Hill Society's place in the game today?

Our place in the game? Hmmmm...that's kind of tricky. When we first started doing stuff out here, we were just the "young guys". Everyone thought we were still in high school. Sometimes people still think I'm in high school actually. Honestly, I think it's because I can't grow a respectable beard. Again, I'm gettin off track. Ha. Anyway, our role has kinda changed. There's tons of young cats comin' up now. Prie, Broke Mokes, Nightmarchers, Noah Neevz, OGB, and that's just a few of em. We're not quite the "young guys" anymore but we aren't vets yet. We're establishing our new spot with this EP and the follow up projects we'll be dropping. We're here to give you good music, a fun and energetic show, and to steal your moms and girlfriends. That's us in a nutshell.



SWAG! SWAG! SWAG! Where did this come from?

It all started (swag) when one day (swag) I was doing a show at jazz minds (swag) with my other group that I was rocking with on the side (swag) called R-U-N (swag). Hahaha. Nah, but I started saying it on stage as clowning at a Jazz Minds show and a couple of drunk ladies in the audience picked up on it. Next thing I know, the whole place is saying it whenever I say it. Then I just kept doing it because it made me crack up. The whole reason I started saying it is because I'm a fan of Lil B the Based God and he repeats "swag" in his songs quite a bit. Odd Future too. So for those of you who hate "swag rap" and people yelling swag, don't blame me. Blame the Based God. Hahaha. For me though, swag rap is just about having fun, being yourself and making songs about that. That's what we as Ill Hill do. Swag. Thank you, Based God.

What's next from Ill Hill?

What's next? World domination. Plain and simple. We're not a hip hop group. We're the villains. We killed Osama and put the pictures on Spacebook. That's not villainous, we did that because we're proud Americans. Other than that, we're villains. We're building a death ray that we're gonna hold earth hostage with until we get a zillion trillion billion million thousand hundred and one dollars. Until we finish that look out for Cozy's solo EP, a mixtape called A Girl Named The Power, a solo EP from me sometime early 2012, and we're looking at working on an official album too. Rock with us. Throw up the / \. Our release party for our Rap Better EP is August 26th. Come through and bring your moms.

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