Real Talk w/ Lisa Lashes #Part 2


You have such a hectic performance schedule it seems, why make time for a podcast?

I love doing my podcasts as it connects me to the outside world that doesn’t always get chance to come and listen to me play. I also talk quite alot, in fact my mum says “constantly” so this is a way of chatting to myself without feeling an idiot as I know people are out their listening to what I have to say, be it constructive or just a little natter..

What is the strangest thing a fan as ever said to you?

On quite a few occasions Ive had marriage proposals from people in the club. Obviously had to decline as I was a little busy mixing my set.. A very strange thing someone did say to me a while ago was “will I put half a melon on my head” as they proceeded to slice a melon in half and offer me a piece… That was pretty strange but that is just one of many things.. Its all good fun though..

What’s this new sound of yours that I’ve been hearing about and is it really a new sound for you or merely you expressing another side of yourself that fans are already familiar with?

It’s not really a new sound as I’ve been experimenting with different music and genres for the past 2 to 3 years in my main sets. For over 10 years I’ve been very versatile with playing main room sets and nipping into the backroom to play a Breaks and Electro set so its not a new thing for people to hear different styles of music from me. I’m sure you will agree that your musical taste varies and grows all the time and you dont listen to the same music you did years ago so I’m just moving forward, merging the music that i’ve experienced over the years into what I want to play right now..

Hawaii is good to most DJs who have time to kick back and relax instead of catching a plane right after a gig. What are some nuances of Hawaii that you hope to experience firsthand, time permitting?

I will be in Hawaii for 5 days so my very dear friend Maris Moon is going to be my chaperone while I’m over. He wants to take me to your wonderful beaches and the waterfalls. He also wants me to go snorkeling, swimming with turtles and dolphins but I’ve just had a purple rinse on my hair so will need to make sure I have a swimming cap ready to wear.. Now that a thought hey..I never get chance to have any time between gigs so I will be making the most of it, believe me..

Final words?

Really looking forward to my first experience in Hawaii. Hope everyone will come out for a party with me and make my time on your Island one to remember.. See you at (SoHo) the weekend.


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