Real Talk w/ Lisa Lashes #Part1


So tell me, what comes with being recognized as the "#1 Female DJ in the World?"

Well, I get to travel the world playing fantastic music in amazing clubs which is always a pleasure.. I also get accosted in Supermarkets in the UK over the Salad counter asking If I can sign anything they have with them. Usually a lettuce or a tomato but normally peoples t-shirts will suffice..

Is there even the slightest pressure to perform or high expectation with such a title?

I dont really go out and DJ thinking that I have an accolade above anyone else as I know how hard all the DJ's work in the music business. I just try and do my own thing and when people give me a great title, thats so humbling but I cant give anymore or less as I perform with passion and commitment with or without a title..

I would say you exude sexual energy visually and musically, how does a male DJ, (think of a few you admire for that simple reason) bring out a similar sex appeal that you admire?

Now my little pooch Chester would be Jealous if I answered this question as he's the only boy for me.. There are a few male DJ's out there that I admire but Im going to keep that to myself in case I forget to mention anyone and get a slap when Im Djing with them next time..

What's the number one thing you require from crowds that you play for?

Huge amounts of energy is a must and of course dancing to the the tunes I play as I always have a little shimmy behind the decks and nobody likes to dance on their own do they?

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