The Human Beatbox Academy


The Human Beatbox Academy at the Art Smith (2nd floor of the Mendonca Building, across the street from Little Village restaurant).

“Rocking the mic one beat at a time.”

Study the art of vocal percussion and beatboxing in the art district of Chinatown. Check it out. For registration information contact Jason Tom ( /​ombeatbox) or Gino Johnson (assistant).

Over the course of the curriculum students will learn….
– Specific Warm Ups and Exercises
– Foundation
– History, Background & Culture
– Fundamentals
– Breath control
– Mouth drumming, vocal bass & scratching
– Performance/stage presence (tips on how to get over stage fright)
– Microphone techniques
– By popular demand: beatbox + dance fusion (including the moonwalk or backslide/glide)
– All ages and levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) welcome
– More (notebook and something to write with, water, recommended)

The Human Beatbox Academy
“Rocking the mic one beat at a time.”


1116 Smith Street, #215
Honolulu, HI 96817

Mailing address:
1109 Maunakea Street, #215
Honolulu, HI 96817

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