Ill Talk w/ CopyWrite #HIpHopAtTheTrops


Are Peter Nelson and Copywrite the same dude and what it be like if they were just hangin’ out together?

Copywrite is the exaggerated caricature of Pete Nelson. If Pete is the live action version, then Copywrite would be the claymation or cartoon version. They hang togather every second of my life. lol I’m a Gemini, so it’s a constant battle between the two.

Are their any aspects of Hawaii Hip Hop (aspects that you don’t you see in the mainland) that you particularly like?

I love the pride in their culture. I love the unity. I love the originality and the love & laid back vibe. The 808 is my favorite spot I’ve been in the world so far & I highly doubt I’ll visit a place that will top it. I visit here about twice a year.

Are cool with Asher Roth these days?

I really don’t have a problem with the kid. He’s an awful MC, but I personally don’t have a problem with him.

Last words, final thoughts, plugs, messages to Hawaii HIp hop artists, supporters etc..

Yeah, follow me on find me on facebook Copywrite Mirabella , my website is check my beats on & my new album “God save the king” drops November 1, 2011. Cop everything you can find of mine on Itunes, it helps more than you know & I love the 808 for all the support they show. Aloha!


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